A while back Uncle Murphy stayed with us.

Mom said she’d take us both on a walk!  That means getting out leashes!

Mmm.. the air’s so great out here!

We went to the dog park…

I was nervous at first and stuck with Mom:

Hmm… Murphy’s talking to that strange dog…. is that ok?

We chased each other!

Oh, yeah… we’re cool.  Imagine we’re walking slo-mo ala Reservoir Dogs:

It was a great visit!  Love you, Murphy:

Mom found a few great pictures of me at the cabin:

“Hey, you kids get off my lawn!” 

Sparkly eyes:

Me with “Sawyer” Dad:

I meet Paul today!  He came over for a BBBQ.  I had fun barking at him.  He also held me a lot, which was nice!  Mom, Dad, and Paul played some Mario Kart, too.  It was a fun visit!

I got busted the other day shredding an old paper tube…. but in actuality, I was creating art!

Check out this abstract paw-print!

Back in January I spent a few days in Bakersfield, with Grandmom, Granddad and Murphy.  I had a special trip to the vet that… let’s say I’m a changed dog.

Mom and Dad had gotten me a new bed:

I’m considering going into professional modeling… what do you think?

I got a great new toy!  It’s a fuzzy purple kitty!

I love hanging out with Murphy!

Thanks for the good time!

Mom’s been studying for finals…

And I’ve been helping!

Here we go… now we are being REALLY productive…

Taking a look around the block…

I got to meet David and Lauren, my parents’ friends from college.

Lauren is very fun to bark at.  She brought me a toy!

Thanks, Lauren!

David is really funny…

It was fun meeting them.  They all played games and got a little tipsy on Dad’s special “vodka-only Appletinis.”  I hope they come see us again soon!

Sorry about the loooooong break from updating!

I'm so cute - you can't stay mad at me forever!!!

To get you caught up on my cutitude - here’s a million pictures of me!

Me with my Egg Baby:

I <3 Egg Baby

Egg Baby action shot!


Here’s me hanging out with those I love:

Me with Grandad:

Hanging out watching TV

Me with Grandmom and Murphy:

Me and Murphy hanging out under the coffee table, i.e. BadgerCaveII

Me with Shammy!

In action:

With my aunt Jenny:

Tell me this isn’t the  sweetest thing you’ve ever seen:

Me with my Daddy:

so sleepy!

Dad's comfy

Dad’s so comfy, I can’t help it!

Where’s Daddy?

There he is!

I love that game!

Here’s some pics of me at the Vet:

Being bribed with treats…

With the nice technician who gave me my shot:

They usually take me into the back procedure room to give me shots.
Mom says they take a suspiciously long time and that I end up smelling
like perfume when I come back… Secret cuddles!

Once I was done with all my shots - I was allowed out!  Which first meant a trip to:

We were mainly buying my collar, my lead, etc…

Mom tried to interest me in toys…

But I was too distracted by all the people, and doggies and toys and food smells……

Where’s Monty?  Half-price on aisle 12:

So here I am in my new collar:

I know it makes me look very handsome, but it makes me scratch a lot!

I also got a Mardi Gras Booda Ball!

It’s meant to replace my old Booda…. which I pretty much destroyed.
Remember it used to look like this:

Here’s the aftermath…

I am destroyer of toys!  Fear me!

Here’s me in my kennel – this is where I bark all night sleep at night.

Me with my football!  Thanks, Grandmom:

Dad put me in a box….

Here’s a bunch of miscellaneous pictures.  I give you permission to say “awwwww!”

Upside-down face:

Here’s the sunny spot I like to hang out in:

It’s all warm and cozy.

Tired face:

Sleepy face:

“Oh my goodness” face:

With daddy’s lap in BadgerCaveII:

Lounging and watching TV:

Whew that about does it - you’re all caught up!  Hope you enjoyed this overdose of me – Monty!!!

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