Funny Face

Hi everybody!
I’m sorry I haven’t updated in so long.
I’ve been busy!
Check out this video my mama made for my birthday.

Whaaaa?Aw Daaaaaad

No I think not

It’s official! I am one year old today!

I put my birthday hat on…

I’m one!

Hey… where’d my hat go?

What the–?!

Love you, Dad!

Ok… that’s enough hat now…

Funny Face:

Happy Birthday to me…

Mom and I like to play with my crinkle ring.  It makes the best crunching sounds!

Funny Face:

Here’s my mug shot!  How embarassing…

Ever wonder how my mom gets such great shots of me?  Well, here’s a look at a typical photoshoot….

Hmm…close, but my eyes aren’t open…

Wandering away…

Alright, making a run for it!

Ok, this is more promising… we’re getting warmer…

Getting warmer still….


Whew… eventually we got it right (had to lose the hat, it just wasn’t working with me):

(Note from Monty’s Mom:  These photos were all taken consecutively as shown.  He is one tough model to work with…)

Time to get up already? or 420 errday

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