Ever wonder how my mom gets such great shots of me?  Well, here’s a look at a typical photoshoot….

Hmm…close, but my eyes aren’t open…

Wandering away…

Alright, making a run for it!

Ok, this is more promising… we’re getting warmer…

Getting warmer still….


Whew… eventually we got it right (had to lose the hat, it just wasn’t working with me):

(Note from Monty’s Mom:  These photos were all taken consecutively as shown.  He is one tough model to work with…)

We spent my first Christmas in Bakersfield with the entire family!

Here’s the lovely tree:

All of our stockings!  Mine has bones on it!

Do we have enough presents, guys?

Shammy, do you see Santa?

Murphy said Santa would come eventually… we had to wait it out.


Is it time to open these yet?

Everyone said the best part of Christmas isn’t presents - it’s spending time with your family….

Here’s Dad, Mom, Matt and Jenny with Nani:

With grandmom:

Christmas family portrait:  Grandmom, Mom, Dad, me (sleeping under my Santa hat), Grammy, Grandpa with Krissy, Granddad, Murphy wearing his bowtie, Jenny and Matt with Shambler!

Me with my folks by the tree (really really sleepy):

Keeping it classy with Mom:

Unclassy with Dad:

Too pooped to pose:

Yes, yes, I do love everyone…. NOW is it time for presents?!

Woo!  First Christmas present!  Cheating a little and opening on Christmas Eve… It’s from Grandmom and Granddad:

Hmm, this is harder that I’d expected… Murphy makes opening presents look so easy….

Thanks for the help, Dad!


So Shammy, I know you’re tired, but we have a lot of paper left to shred here… Keep shredding!

Shammy, no sleeping on the job!

Hey, Dad can I have your paper now?


The first ones awake:

The morning was hard… it’s toooo early….

I’m still sleepy from last night…

More presents, you say?  I’m awake, I’m awake!

Hey, Shammy, ready for more presents?  We’d got a lot more shredding to do today!

But first we open our stockings!

The tree is looking so pretty on Christmas morning… and look at all those gifts!

I call dibs!

So let’s start!

Mmm cozy jacket!

I look dashing, don’t I?

So many presents… which ones are mine again?

My cozy blanket, hand-made by Aunt Carol!  Thanks!

We finally were able to fit by the tree!

This was from “Daddy and Mama”:

I know how to open it now, Dad, don’t need your help!

Oh my god!!!


Me with my loot:

Completely tuckered out.  Christmas is exhausting, eh, Daddy?

I spent a lot of our time at home resting.  When me and Murphy and Shammy play, we go all out!  And afterwards we like to crash anywhere and everywhere:

That was my first Christmas!  It was a fantastic time.  Thanks to everyone for my wonderful presents!


Mom and Dad brought home a Nordman fir tree.  It was big and Dad almost hurt his back.  Mom says he does that every year.

We decorated it:

Decorating the tree

Me being pretty by our tree:

The tree looked pretty good when we were done:

Check it out in the dark:

It was fun playing by the tree.

It's a Christmas hotdog!

We hung up our stockings on the mantle.  Mine is the one of the left.

So that’s the Pre-Christmas post.  Next post will be huge and full of magical winter wonder!

Merry Christmas!

I spent a wonderful four-day Thanksgiving weekend at the Ranch!  It was a pretty fun-filled, action-packed weekend and Grandmom was able to capture a lot of the memories on film – here we go:

So this is Rancho Las Piedras:

Rancho Las Piedras

The original portion of the house was built in 1927 by Dad’s great-grandfather!




We arrived late on Wednesday night – had just enough time to meet everyone!


Here’s me with my friends:

New Ranch gang

There’s Bodie on the far right, he’s a Mendoza, then that’s Shammy, Murphy and me!

We went on a nice walk - and I was allowed off my leash!  It’s alright, I stayed close to Mama…


Here’s me with Nani:

me with Nani

Mom and Dad played lots of games:

Woo games

Hmmm….I wonder what’s going to happen here…. pretty fancy…

Oooh fancy!

What is that incredible smell?


That’s Uncle Memo!  He made that delicious turkey.  He also spilled some delicious turkey on his shoes.  Don’t worry I licked it off for him.

Hey everyone’s all dressed up…

Here’s Nina, Alex and Sara:

Nina, Alex, and Sara

And Aunt Carol with Nani and Grandmom:

The Rices

Me with dressed up Mom and Dad:

me and mom and dad

Dad’s holding a book titled ”Images of America:  Lake Mathews and Gavilan Hills” which
features several pages of pictures of the ranch!  There’s pictures of Dad’s great-grandfather,
the original construction of the ranch, the first flag-raising, and pictures of Dad’s grandfather
Papa with Nani and Grandmom and Aunt Carol!  We got an autographed copy to keep.

Here’s everyone all dressed up for dinner…


From left:  Uncle Memo, Nina, Alex, Sara, Aunt Carol, Nani, Matt, Jenny,
Grandmom Susie, Granddad Van, Dad (Stephen) and Mom (Deesha)

After dinner, Grandmom brought out little presents for me and Shammy:

I'm santa, you're my reindeer

Mom and Dad enjoy this stuff way too much:

haha very funny

Everyone played with the dogs after standing up from the table.  They got
Bodie to howl and soon we all started to howl!  My howl was the tiniest, but
I think I get my point across.  I don’t get why it makes everyone squeal
with giggles, though…sounded manly to me…

Posing with my hat

Afterwards, while everyone bustled about cleaning up the table and
doing the dishes, Dad and I had a secret nap:

Santa hat nap

Later we retired to our rooms and Mom, Dad, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Matt
got in their jammies and played Rock Band.  It was loud, but that didn’t stop
me from napping.


Another beautiful day at the Ranch.

Doggies chillaxing in the courtyard

There’s Bodie, Murphy, Shambler and me.  This weekend was my first time
meeting Bodie, but I liked him very much.  It’s fun to stand up on his back.
But he didn’t enjoy that very much.   I got barked at a few times…

It was another day filled with pool, boardgames, and video games.

Mom took people out for rides in the WWII Jeep!

Jeep Jeep

Uncle Matt was so excited, he broke his arm!  Just kidding!

While they were out, I hung out with Dad, Murphy and Shambler:

Ah, relaxing

Then Mom and Dad started on dinner:

Dad's helping!

Dad is so enthusiastic about helping!  Aunt Jenny helped too.  But afterward, we relaxed:


That night we light the fire in our bedroom.  It was very cozy.


So cozy in bed…



I woke up Mom and Dad around 9 am by barking really big and loud.  They didn’t know it at the time, but there were three big coyotes outside the window!  I think I scared them away.  Mom and Dad thought I was barking at the chair by the window.  Silly humans.

After a late breakfast, Mom, Dad and Granddad went to the UCLA vs. Oregon football game at the Rose Bowl.   And soon after that Aunt Carol, Uncle Memo, Alex, Sara, and Bodie left too.

So I got to spend the day with Jenny, Matt, Grandmom, Nina, Nani, and Murphy and Sham.

We worked on the puzzle that was started this weekend:


I helped:

Hmm which piece goes where...

Then we watched the football game that Mom and Dad went to on TV:

woo football

Well, Nani watched while we napped…


Then we went for a nice walk:

the view

Isn’t that gorgeous!  You can see the mountains way in the distance.

My classiest portrait yet:

Classy gentleman

We were exhausted…

Blond boys

So we napped:


Shammy too…

When Mom, Dad, and Granddad got back (Bruins won the game woooo!),
they played some pool!  We listened to some tunes on the Victrola.

So that was my fantastic first Thanksgiving at the Ranch!

mom dad and me

Can’t wait for Christmas!

Tomorrow night, we’re going to the Ranch to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family!  It’ll be my first time meeting Nani and the Mendozas!  I cannot wait!  In fact, I’ve been practicing being cute:

Chewing my bone

Chewing my hedgehog


Badgercave oldschool

Can’t wait!

I celebrated my 5 month birthday on Nov. 2nd, which also happened to be my Dad’s 26th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Dad!

me with my daddy!

We got a delicious cake!  Mom made it (mostly).

delicious cake

Why are those wax thingies on fire?!

aaaugh fire cake!

Oh, candles.  I think I get it now…

oooh cake!

Let’s blow them out, Dad!

make a wish!

Yay!  Happy Birthday to us!!

Time for cake!

Granddad was here to help celebrate on Friday night.  He took Dad out to a UCLA basketball game.  After the cake, we were exhausted:


Grandmom and Murphy Bear joined us on Saturday.  Me with Murph:

Two headed dog:

two headed dog!

Happy times!  I can’t wait to celebrate my half-year birthday!

Happy Halloween!

I was surprised by this scary holiday.

A pumpkin?  What is that?!

What is that?!

Think I could fit in one of those?

I'm inside the pumpkin!

Like my Halloween costume?

I am a cow - moo moo moo

After all that harrassment, Mom and Dad carved faces into the pumpkins.   Can you guess who carved which pumpkin?

Oooh jack-o-lanterns!

Hmm…maybe this will help:

AAAAAGH That pumpkin is all scary-like!!!

Dad might have gone a little overboard with those utensils…. I mean a scary pizza-cutter?  I don’t think so…

Anyway, Happy Halloweenie, everyone!

Happy Halloweenie

We celebrated Mom’s birthday with Matt, Jenny, and Shammy!  We played – at least Shammy and I did – the parents had lunch and played games.  Grandad joined them for dinner and there was cake afterwards that Dad made.  I got Mom a jewelry box – Dad helped a little.  I’ll post pics soon.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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