Hi everybody!
I’m sorry I haven’t updated in so long.
I’ve been busy!
Check out this video my mama made for my birthday.

My friend Prit came to visit and we went to the beach.
Me and Prit

mmm, chips

Me and Dad

Me and Mom

It was a lot of fun. And windy!

I learned to brush my teeth!
What in the heck...

oh god

But if I don’t do it Mom says I’ve been eating poo in my dreams. So I’m a good boy.

Sort of.

Check out what my Mom made using all the pictures of me sleeping:

It’s to the tune “Only Sleeping,” a Beatles cover performed by The Vines.

I think there’s a phantom doggy trapped in our entertainment center…  Daddy says his name is Eetnom.

They say my mafia codename would be “The Cobra” – and here’s why:
Here’s us playing around!  It was great of him to visit!

Mom thought I’d enjoy an interesting snack…

I’ll find him eventually.

I got a great package of gifts from my relatives – the Mendozas!

Me with my toys!

playing with toys

The ball is fun!

me with my ball

Me with my ball

me with ball

Check me out playing with my froggy: