We spent New Year’s at the Cabin – it was my first time there!

Isn’t this great?

Me by the bear.  I sorta blend in:

Ready for a walk!

My first time playing in snow!

Barking at kids that are sledding:

I know, I’m impossibly cute:

Mmm, nature smells gooood:

This white stuff sure is cold, Dad!

Granddad, Murphy, Grandmom, Shammy, Mom, Dad and me (not paying attention):

Family portrait:

Warming up with Mama:

Man, Murphy is the best… He’s so warm and cozy:

Oh man, we’re so cute!

Ready for more walks!

Seriously guys, this snow stuff is freezing:

Fine, I will try to pose:

With Shammy in our snowsuits:

Cozy fire… cozy blanket… this is the life!

We’re enjoying the view:

When are Mom and Dad gonna wake up and come downstairs?  Maybe I should bark for them…. BARK BARK!

Hey Shammy!  Welcome to the Badger Cave III:  Revenge of the Badgers:

Aaah!  Intruders!

Ok time for a nap:

Napping with Grandmom:

Dad?  Dad?  I can’t seem to find him… (Woo WoW at the cabin)


Let’s party, guys!

The house is looking great:

Dad, Mom, me, Granddad, Grandmom with Shammy and the Murph:

Playing free-range!

Romping for the camera: